Thinking of sending my own little letter to Nev:

Hi Nev,

I’m Ashleigh and I have had a relationship with someone online for two years and I think I’m in love. He initially wrote to inform me I had won $2.9 American dollars in the Euro-Millions Jackpot Lottery abroad. I contacted him with all my bank information so they could wire me the money, but he informed me they had made a mistake and I hadn’t actually won, but he consoled me and comforted me through the painful mistake. He was such an angel through that tough time. We had a connection and chatted every single day after that. I had to stop talking to him for a while when someone somehow drained my bank account and I couldn’t pay my Internet bill, but fortunately he understood and was totally there for me once I got a second job to get my Internet back going again! He even told me he would come from Albania to visit, if his dad wasn’t dying of cancer and his family wasn’t in desperate need of money. So of course I did what anyone would do in that situation and sent him $5,000 I’d been saving for my son’s college education. The reason I’m emailing you is because a red flag went up when i got an almost identical email from his email address to my Yahoo account he never knew I had! Nev, am I dating a player who just sends emails to random girls, or is this a coincidence? After 2 years, think this is the real deal, so please help!!




  1. Fatima says:

    This. Was. Epic!!!!

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