I’m dedicating this post to the girl on the stair climber in front of my elliptical at the gym for wearing gray ”cheeky” gym shorts and a sports bra for her cardio workout. What are cheeky gym shorts you may ask?

This is a poor example because this girl looks fantastic! She probably runs 10 miles a day and eats a carrot and an Altoid for dinner. Just imagine this size cheeky gym shorts on a, well, NOT this size booty. And for those of you who are runners or avid gym-goers, we all know GRAY is a poor decision for those who sweat a lot. Now picture a stair-climber in front of an elliptical. It is ELEVATED. I was directly behind this at a lower elevation. (See Example A). Now put all these factors together. Uh-huh. I saw things I can’t un-see. I saw things NO ONE should EVER have to see in a gym. I also have a pain in my neck that will not go away from trying to stare to the right, then trying to stare the left for too long.

Example A-

Let’s just say there was a highly unusual amount of traffic in the aisle between the stair climber and elliptical during this girl’s workout. You may even want to keep an eye out on YouTube, because the fella next to me had his iPhone and was waving his buddies over.

The moral of the story here ladies? Don’t wear wayyyy too small gray panties and sports bras to work out in please. I’m lucky I only left the gym with a neck injury. This girl left the gym with no dignity. NONE. I would guess she showed up with a little bit, but the more she perspired…. Well, you get it. Damaged dignity.

Hope everyone has a great day with a lot of clothes and smiles. SMILE TODAY!


  1. Beverly says:

    Glad to see a new blog post! Carrot & an altoid for dinner! LOL If you’ve ever seen, you’ll see that some people seem to have zero concept of the unflattering nature of the outfits they see fit to wear in public.

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