Sick Days

My little guy has an ear infection, which has made him feel like absolute crap with the worst cough ever. We have decided to keep him inside for a few days so he can get better, and also to avoid the mean stares of other parents when our kid is hacking all over theirs. Meanwhile, THIS HOUSE HAS BECOME A PRISON.

The Tornado sick :(

Josh has been getting home from Spring Training workouts around 2-ish. He usually takes the reins while I go do something, ANYTHING, that involves leaving the house. We have been watching entirely too many kids shows and movies around here the last few days. Last night when I was juuuuuust about to fall asleep, a Thomas the Tank Engine song popped into my head. It was SO awful you guys.

Anywho, all this at-home time has left me with some quality internet time. I have tweeted more in the past week than I have in all the time I’ve had a Twitter. I’ve returned all my Facebook messages, and stalked everyone I’ve been meaning to. I’ve even Googled some things I’m not proud of:

iPhone Browswer History

As you can see, the search starts with Daniel Tosh, then moves on to baseball. Wine and baseball go hand-in-hand a lot of times, as you can also see from the remainder of my search. I should have been working on some of the ideas I have for this good-for-nothing blog, but didn’t. My son’s energy level has affected mine as well, all I’ve wanted to do is lay around with the little guy. I feel like I’m coming down with something now too: fat. I’m coming down with fat. Not looking forward to getting on the scale next week.

Baseball games start on Monday! A lot of teams started today, but not the Dodgers. If anyone needs me, I’ll be the one in the outfield chasing around a very pale 2-year old with a bottle of sunscreen. He seriously looks like a Cullen. Everyone is always all, “why don’t you let that kid get some sun?” Oh, forgive me for being a bad mom by lathering on sun screen. It’s not like we trap him indoors, his favorite place in the beach for heaven’s sake. He’s still stinkin’ adorable though. This was taken this week at an event, and just keep in mind that neither of his parents are tan at all right now:

Kaden being all tan

 Anyways, smile today. There are literally TONS of funny things happening around you at every second. Find em. :)


  1. I wake up in the middle of the night with the “Hula Hibiscus” song from Mickey Mouse in my head. Too much time stuck in the house for us lately too!

  2. Randy Tweed says:

    Dear Mrs. Fields

    Unfortionately, there is an expectation that you will blog in a more timely manner. The 3rd. of March was a long time ago. If you need any material, just let me know. My grandson had many cute moments while he was visiting Oklahoma in April. I still miss him looking up at me and saying “hi pop” when I came home from work. So, carry on dear, and give us a blog. I don’t care about fupas or this Tosh guy, but I do need a laugh so, whatever it takes.


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